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It's Finally Here!

It’s finally here! Next Tuesday, April 18, we go live at 12540 SW 68th Ave, Tigard! In addition to new clinic space, we expanded our name (and logo) to reflect the changes we’ve been talking about with you! As we combine our dreams and boldly step forward, we retain the deep commitment to our work - and you!

As we build out the Beyond PT aspect of our practice, visit our updated website, Classes are being curated with you in the forefront - building in types of classes and instructors who collaborate with your Physical Therapists in fostering movement that recognizes who you are, what you want and what you need. Next week, we will send information about the registration process for additional classes.

We will kick off our new studio next week with 4 Alignment Based Yoga classes taught by DeeAnn Dougherty, PT. DeeAnn will teach in a 5 week term from April 18 to May 20. Each class offered is hybrid and 90 minutes long. If interested, email and tell us which class, whether in person or virtual, and we will get you registered. We will take payments in the first class.

  • Alignment Yoga Level 1: Tuesday at noon or Thursday at 6pm - 2 separate classes

    • No yoga experience required. Learn basic yoga principles. A gentle class emphasizing proper alignment and safety in beginning yoga poses, using props to minimize strain and ensuring correct positioning. Great for people recovering from injury, illness or with chronic conditions. Or for beginners curious about yoga yet concerned about difficulty.

  • Alignment Yoga Level 1.5: Tuesday 6 pm

    • Recommend prior yoga experience. This is a beginning yoga class with a variety of poses done lying, sitting and standing, using props to maintain proper positioning. The emphasis is on building a foundation of strength, flexibility and balance, as well as increased body awareness. Experience the calming of the mind that yoga brings.

  • Alignment Yoga Level 2: Saturday 9:30 AM

    • Require prior yoga experience. Improve mobility and stability with a focus on precise alignment and attention to detail in asana practice. Gradual progression, use of props and lots of individual attention minimize strain and ensure proper positioning. A great way to improve body awareness and focus the mind. (No inversions)

We are excited to share this new space and new vision with you!

Diane and the team at Connect & Beyond Physical Therapy

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