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Trees and Mountains


Who are we?

We opened our doors in 2011 with the belief it’s possible to deliver uncompromised PT in an environment that is warm and welcoming to all.  In our Lake Oswego office, the commitment is to helping you create and accomplish an individualized path to meet your goals.  We love what we do and our values are how we show it:


  • Invest in every person because every story matters

  • Bring excellence in everything we do. Evidence-based and experience based

  • Engage, enlighten and empower everyone

  • Collaborate as a trusted team, with patients and health professionals

  • Communicate with transparency and genuineness

  • Give back to our community and the world at large

  • Celebrate each victory. Have fun.

What makes coming to Connect special?

Every Connect physical therapist has deep expertise and experience.  Plus, we represent a variety of speciality areas which allows us to collaborate with one other and with you to create a rich experience in recovery.  In fact, our entire team collaborates with one another to serve you.


We believe in seeing the whole person and developing strategies that include mind, body and spirit. Connect is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between prevention and intervention.


We believe our true wealth lies in our relationships.  Our professional experience provides a platform to build treatments that includes in-office and home programming, but encompasses the whole person. We have a passion for going to the heart of the matter and helping people live their best lives.  


On top of that, unlike most other practices,  we operate only one PT to one patient contact which means the best use of your time and money.​

Why Connect?

Because we are locally owned, we have the privilege of creating a culture that welcomes you as family.  We don’t just see you in our clinic - we see you at the grocery store, schools and community events. 


In an era when health clinics are becoming corporate without professional autonomy, Connect is a PT owned practice that gives freedom and resources to deliver care the way it is meant to be delivered. Our provider team not only delivers excellent care, we believe healthcare is a calling. And when you pursue a mission greater than yourself, your patients and your team benefit.


Our collective years of Physical Therapy experience allow us to be experts in our field. This experience translates into patient confidence and the comfort in knowing they are in good hands.


Connect PT is always accepting new patients and we would love to have you at our office soon. Give us a call and let’s see if we can make you better, together.



Are you interested in joining our team? Contact us at 503.974.9078 or to learn more about being a part of Connect PT.

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