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Is It Right For Me?

Iyengar Yoga
What is yoga?

The word yoga literally means union, and the purpose of yoga is to unite the body and the mind. It is an ancient Indian practice with eight components, one of which is Hatha yoga.  There are several styles of Hatha yoga, including  Iyengar (Alignment), Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Anusara. They all involve the physical practice of poses (postures) called asanas. At Connect Physical Therapy we offer classes in the Alignment style. This style meshes with physical therapy principles, and is very safe.

What is Alignment yoga?

It is an asana practice focusing on proper posture and precise positioning. Poses are often broken down into smaller pieces, and there is a gradual progression into the full pose. Props are used, and many options are given, so that each student can modify the pose as needed for their own circumstances. Poses are held for gradually increasing periods of time to improve strength and endurance. Classes are usually divided into increasing levels of difficulty, from very gentle to advanced. A series of several classes offered each term allows a progression working towards a specific pose or poses. Classes at Connect are taught by  a physical therapist who has been teaching yoga for over 18 years.


Can anyone do yoga?

Yes. Yoga is for everyone, young, old, active, elderly, sick, disabled. Poses can be modified using chairs, bolsters, blocks, belts and other props for support, ensuring that students do not have to try to get into positions for which they are not yet ready. If you are recovering from an injury, or have found previous yoga classes too difficult, alignment yoga is a good choice. Yoga can fit into anyone's life.

Fun at Yoga

DeeAnn Dougherty

Our Yoga Instructor

 DeeAnn Dougherty received her BS degree in Physical Therapy from Mankato State University and a certificate in Physical Therapy from the Mayo School of Health-Related Sciences in 1981. She is an Orthopedic Specialist certified by the American Physical Therapy Association and a Certified Manual Physical Therapist through the North American Institute of Manual Therapy. DeeAnn began studying Iyengar yoga with Julie Gudmestad in 1989 and has been teaching Alignment yoga since 2000.

Learn more about DeeAnn >

What are the benefits of yoga?


  • Decreased blood pressure 

  • Decreased cholesterol 

  • Lower resting heart rate

Mental Health: 
  • Decreased depression 

  • Improved stress management and relaxation 

  • Improved concentration and confidence 

  • Better control of asthma

  • Better control of blood sugar

  • Increased flexibility, strength and endurance

  • Improved balance and body awareness

  • Improved bone health (osteoporosis)

  • Decreased neck and back pain

Why go to a class?

There are yoga videos and books galore, but nothing compares to being in a class with a teacher to give you feedback and help you avoid injury. We all have imbalances in our bodies, from the natural asymmetry of how we go through our daily activities, to our recreational and even competitive pursuits. A trained and experienced teacher will recognize these and be able to assist students with addressing them. All props are provided, except mats. Please bring your own mat. To participate in a class at Connect PT, we do require that students be able to get up and down unassisted from the floor.  If that is not possible for you we can arrange individualized instruction that would allow you to try yoga.

Connect offers a series each term of introductory and beginning yoga classes designed to fit busy lifestyles. Classes are 90 minutes in length with a maximum of 10 students allowing for individual attention.
Currently, classes are virtual via Zoom. Students need to complete a waiver and student information sheet prior to the first class.
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