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Build global strength and mobility while being respectful
to your body's natural limitations.

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What is Essentrics?

Keep Moving with ®Essentrics uses low-impact stretching and strengthening exercises to rebalance your body, relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve your mobility and flexibility. It can help heal chronic conditions, increase flexibility, and reshape your body, according to Miranda Esmonde-White, the creator of Aging Backwards and the ®Essentrics fitness program. “You can enjoy a healthy, energetic lifestyle at any age.”

In 2018 I discovered ®Essentrics and decided to become an Aging Backwards Instructor.  To become a top-rated instructor, you must enroll in the four-level ®Essentrics Certification Program, which includes continuing education, live teacher trainings and workshops.

As a Level 4 ®Essentrics instructor I have completed hundreds of teaching hours. Because of the intense study that ®Essentrics requires, I understand the importance of muscle strength and its impact on healthy aging, weight-loss, pain relief, athletic performance, regaining strength, overall energy, and mobility. This is an incredible program which I have been blessed to share with a wide variety of clients.

Ready to continue your wellness journey? Take care of your mind, body, and spirit with others from the community. Join us for a Beyond PT class today! 



Our Essentrics Instructor

My background is healthcare and teaching. Just like you I have always tried to take care of my health. Not always successfully. I look back on days when  because of a busy work schedule take out was a must. On the weekends I just wanted to relax and not think about what I was eating. You know, "I deserve a treat!"
I never was an athlete, grew up with a boat in the family. I tried my hand at soccer and slow pitch softball, and off and on either went to exercise classes or had videos that I watched from home. One of my mantras has always been: When you don't FEEL LIKE exercising that is when you need it most. A friend told me about Keep Moving with ®Essentrics program. I started exercising to videos and the next thing I knew, I was running up and down those stairs - I was Hooked!  Jan is certified by the Essentrics Program at the highest level.

Learn more about Jan >

What are the benefits of Essentrics?


  • Tone & Shape your Body

  • Increase Your Flexibility & Strength

  • Rebalance your body

  • Unlock Tight Joints

  • Improve your Posture

Aging doesn’t need to be a bad word or something to be afraid of. Believe it or not, your body requires movement to stay young – and only proper movement can turn back the hands of time. Our bodies and minds are designed to stay healthy and vibrant throughout our lives. In the past, we didn’t have the tools to keep them that way…now we do.

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