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A gentle self-treatment designed to restore the hydrated quality of your connective tissue system. 

What is MELT?

MELT is a gentle self-treatment created by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann, designed to restore the hydrated quality of your connective tissue system. Fascia is the supportive connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, organ, bone, blood vessel, and nerve fiber in your body. Normal aging and our repetitive, everyday motions lead to the dehydration we call Stuck Stress. Reduced fluid flow is a fundamental factor in chronic pain, reduced motion, and a less efficient nervous system.



Our MELT Instructor

I am a classically trained Pilates instructor, Level 3 MELT Method instructor, and former professional dancer with the Mark Morris Dance Group. Certified In 1999 under Romana Kryzanowska, I taught Pilates in studio, corporate, gym and private settings all over NYC. After twelve years in NY, I moved to San Francisco to perform with an aerial dance group, and taught Pilates to the SF Ballet as well as my own clientele. I eventually moved back to Portland and continued teaching Pilates to private clients as well as the Portland Trailblazers. I'm a featured teacher on Pilatesology, with over 30 classes on the site. In 2011, I had the good fortune of taking a MELT Method class from Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT. The changes I felt in that first class propelled me to want to understand how it worked! I trained with her in 2012 and in 2021 earned my Level 3 status.

How does it work?


The MELT Method uses specific equipment such as multiple sizes and densities of balls,and a soft foam roller. We use soft tools for soft tissue.  Sensory nerves live in this soft tissue, and can send pain signals when the tissue becomes compressed. The gentle techniques that you will learn target Stuck Stress and help restore fluid flow, thereby reducing pain, and allowing the nervous system to function more efficiently.​

Who is MELT for? How often should I do it?


The good news is that anyone can MELT! While some modifications may be necessary, there is no wrong time to MELT. The actual answer to the “who and when” question is “everyone, every day.” Here’s the thing—daily living (the kind we all do) creates repetitive motions, which can lead to stress injuries, chronic pain, and joint decentralization. MELT helps combat these effects of aging and active living. And more good news: the commitment is pretty minimal. Just 10 minutes, three times a week has been clinically proven to help ease pain and restrictions.

Are you wanting to learn more about Kim and MELT? Check out her website at

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