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Caring For Yourself During Pregnancy, Delivery and Beyond

American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women’s Health Vision Statement:

“Transforming society by optimizing movement for a life without limits.”

I’m so privileged to be able to offer assistance to people wanting to optimize their pelvic and breast health. As part of this work, I am rewarded by many opportunities at Connect to support pregnant women who are interested in enhancing their mobility and improving their quality of life during pregnancy, labor, delivery and after baby’s birth .

Urinary incontinence, as well as back, hip, pelvic and trunk pain can be common during pregnancy, and help is available! Hands on therapy and individualized exercises can be highly beneficial to women to help with muscle imbalances that can occur as their pregnancy advances. As a trained pelvic health therapist skilled in visceral manipulation I can also assess and treat connective tissue restrictions around the uterus to relieve back and pelvic pain towards the end of pregnancy.

I also help women develop a menu of potential positions and strategies to ease discomfort during the 1st and 2nd stages of labor. And, for women new to breast feeding, I am happy to provide information to help you more be more comfortable while breast feeding your newborn.

Please feel free to contact me at Connect if you have any questions about how I might be of service!

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