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April 30 Update

It’s challenging to find a rhythm in these unprecedented times and we hope you are well! Connect is continually adapting to find best ways to partner with you, so here are our updates:

In Office Treatments: Connect remains open throughout this time. With this experience, we established smooth patterns for ensuring safety with masks for all, spacing of patient visits and following CDC guidelines. Effective May 1, Oregon adopted changes with a return of nonessential medical care, so activity levels will increase as needed health issues are addressed. Your safety continues as our highest priority.

Telehealth: If you’ve recently talked with your physician, it’s probably been over a screen. Telehealth is rapidly being accepted, yet misconceptions remain:

  • Myth: It’s too expensive. Fact: Most insurers now pay for this care. Call our office 503-974-9078 or your insurer to verify benefits.

  • Myth: You can’t start new care with telehealth. Fact: Not true. Evaluation of most musculoskeletal issues can be initiated via telehealth and we can get you started on home care.

  • Myth: You can’t treat pelvic health via telemedicine. Fact: Also not true. Take a look at our blog about Pelvic Health

Virtual Classes: Zoom classes for DeeAnn’s yoga and Shannon’s Pilates are all dialed in! These classes are designed specifically for Connect’s community. If you haven’t taken a class from either one of them, consider joining when a new series starts next month. DeeAnn and Shannon are also available for 1:1 training/instruction via Zoom and would love to get you jump started! Call 503-974-9078 to get going!

Connect Physical Therapy: Better Together - now and in all the days ahead!

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