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June 1 Updates

As an essential service, Connect remained open through the past months and continues to provide safe and appropriate PT care - always meeting or exceeding CDC guidelines. And, as we have partnered with you through this time, we learned a lot!

First, we’re reminded how much we love working with you! Even in masks and with all the careful procedures, seeing you, in person or virtually, is what makes Connect tick!

Now Connect is looking ahead on how best to use our professional experience and expertise to genuinely partner with you “beyond” traditional physical therapy visits.

So many of us have noted all the new online information about physical, mental and spiritual health. However… typically these offers are one-size-fits-all. It can be overwhelming and difficult to discern what is valid, where to start or what best fits you.

In addition, COVID amplified what can be a sense of isolation and the importance of having a community of people that you know - and who know you!

Your body, mind and spirit are simply too important to trust ‘the generic approach.’ Rather, it is best when you have personalized tools, based on deep therapeutic knowledge, designed to optimize your chances for getting you to where you want to go.

As do you, Connect believes in the core value of community. From teams formed out of classes to collaborations with various partners in our community, there will always be a Connect orientation to foster relationships that bring out the best for one another. From our start, Connect has always been Better Together.

Connect has now officially formed Beyond Physical Therapy, a platform for putting these ideas into place. You will be hearing more from us in days ahead with the particulars. However, in the meantime, we already offer the premier PT in our community, plus classes and information that use our therapeutic expertise and experience to come alongside you with yoga, pilates, osteoporosis education and more! Next set of virtual classes start June 1! Call (503)974-9078 to get linked in.

Stay healthy, stay safe - and stay Connected!

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