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April 8 Update

We hope you and yours are safe and healthy. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone, everywhere in an untold number of ways. We continue to be encouraged as our community seeks to help one another in ways big and small!

Here are important updates for you about what we are doing at Connect:

In Office Treatments: We take your safety very seriously and follow the most current CDC guidelines, including wearing masks for all Connect staff and patients. Masks are available for patients if they do not bring their own. We continue with cleaning, rigorous screening and social distancing, including patients remaining in the car until their individual treatment space is sanitized. We want you to be confident in knowing our office safety is a foremost priority.

Telehealth Treatments: Every day, we hear from patients with challenges around pain and function. There is no need to feel like you can’t get the help you need today. Through Connect’s virtual telehealth platform, your PT can help you begin recovery while you are at home. Often, it is the recommendations for positioning, rest, ice and early movement that can help you begin to move better. If you’d like to schedule a telehealth visit with any of our 6 Physical Therapists, call us at (503)974-9078.

Virtual Classes: Online classes are just underway for yoga and Pilates. DeeAnn is teaching postural/alignment based yoga in the evening Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday morning. Shannon is teaching pilates Monday and Wednesday evenings. We’d love to have you join in! Call in and we can get you set up with a Zoom link.

While we all navigate this time in our own way, know we are here for you - to help you to stay healthy and to keep you moving!

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