The Fit Factor

Data is everywhere today! You can measure how well you sleep, how many steps you take, what’s in the food you eat, or shouldn’t eat. But how about getting a little bit of information about how effective your current exercise program is.

The American Physical Therapy Association has created an online tool to provide users with personalized feedback about their balance, strength and flexibility. Questions range from asking about a person’s exercise habits and their ability to participate in recreational and sports activities; to posture; to interactive self-screening tests on balance, dizziness, strength and flexibility. The result is a Fit Factor score of one of 6 levels of physical health.

The screening tool is an easy and fun way to see if you are addressing all areas of health in your fitness program. You might be surprised to see that what you are currently doing for strength is great, but you aren’t so good at balance; or your cardio program is awesome, but those hamstrings are seriously lacking flexibility. Use the link provided here or on the picture above to click in and check it out.

If you find an area that you could use some help with, give us a call. Connect is committed to helping our clients not only recover from injury, but to be all in on the prevention side as well. Fitness is uniquely defined by each person needs, capabilities and interests. Let us help you build a program that works specifically for you. Let’s work on it together and then see how your Fit Factor changes!



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