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March 30 Update

Connect PT is open and working to help our community adapt to the coronavirus reality. Here’s an update on what we can do with you:

In Office: Our office is open and be assured we follow CDC guidelines for cleaning, rigorous screening and social distancing, including patients remaining in their car until their individual treatment space is sanitized. Our entire team is available, representing specialties in balance, vestibular issues, pelvic health, post-op orthopedics and all musculoskeletal issues.

Telehealth: While the Stay at Home order remains in place, we encourage you to creatively work with us. Our goals are to help resolve any current musculoskeletal issues, plus help you remain active in self-care. Our digital platform facilitates seeing you in real time, where we can assess your current situation, progress your home program, educate about next steps and create strategies to move forward. Increasingly, health insurers are supporting this direction. Please call your health insurer or us for more information.

Virtual Classes: We continue with ongoing yoga and Pilates classes - all are now online. It’s easy to access either class online and you will continue to have the excellence in instruction that you trust at Connect.

We would like to highlight a free online introduction evening for Pilates, which instructor Shannon Vial will present this coming Wednesday April 1 from 6-7pm. We feel strongly that what makes our Pilates program meaningful is how we work in concert with Shannon to provide a program that can be customized to each individual based on physical needs. A complimentary consultation with a Connect PT is available to assist you in evaluating this class. Please call us at (503)974-9078 about a PT consultation or to get the online link for Wednesday.

Diane, DeeAnn, Sue Ellen, Susan, Andrea, Natalie and the entire Connect team are all here ready to help you in whatever way works best for you. At this most unprecedented time, Connect is here. We are always Better Together!

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