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March 19 Update

Connect sends our greetings and encouragement for staying healthy and safe. Our office continues to be open seeing patients with our rigorous screening and cleaning protocols in place. We have several updates for you today about the option of an e-visit:

  • What is an e-visit? Think of all the online instruction going on in the world right now and an e-visit is the PT version of an online classroom. The Center for Medicare identifies a PT telemedicine visit or video chat as an electronic or e-visit.

There are many things a PT can see and do during a video conference visit: evaluate range of motion, posture, evaluate current exercise program, revise exercises, provide instruction in new/additional exercises and more.

  • On Monday, Medicare approved the ability for patients to schedule e-visits or virtual appointments with PT.

If you are a current Medicare patient, who cancelled a prior appointment because of coronavirus or other concerns, you may want to reconnect using an e-visit. In this way, we can provide continuity in your care plan.

If you are a Medicare patient and want to schedule ongoing care with your Connect PT, please call the office, 503-974-9078. We will arrange a time specifically for you to meet with your therapist in a video conference. Connect already has the necessary tools to conduct an e-visit and we will explain this very straight-forward process..

  • Health insurance companies are rapidly following the lead of Medicare in facilitating e-visits. For example, today Moda approved e-visits and others are expected to quickly follow. We will keep you updated. Furthermore, any patient can arrange for an e-visit on a self pay basis.

As your community’s PT, Connect encourages you to put in place all that you know about self care. This might be going for a walk, diaphragmatic breathing, home yoga or Pilates practice, guided imagery for relaxation. There are a number of wonderful resources online and let us know what you are finding most helpful. If you need help vetting self-care options that are appropriate for you, give us a call and we would love to help.

Remember, Connect is a small, free-standing clinic. This means you enter with confidence as

1) There is an upfront cleaning station

2) We respect social distancing

3) The waiting area offers open space

4) We have individual treatment rooms

5) Physical spaces are cleaned throughout the day for each patient.

Better Together - that has been Connect’s tagline all along and never has it felt more vital. In this time of social distancing and Work From Home(WFH) and Shelter In Place(SIP) - we need to stay connected with each to build courage and strength.

Stay safe and let us know how we can help you - we are your partners in a healthy lifestyle.

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