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Getting Back In The Game

Life never really slows down. First, we work our tails off all week. Then, we have family responsibilities. When the kids are young, it’s about all we can do to care for them and work. When they go to school, then we desperately try to get our lives back in order for the few hours they are at school, and then rush around after school to get them to all of their activities. Then the holidays hit, then more kids’ activities, then SUMMER! Who has any time in summer? There is always a reason not to get going on a program for your health, but there comes a time when we need to just get out of our routine and do it. Remember, you really cannot effectively take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. So, find a program and stick to it.

Note- many people will experience pain when they try to start a new routine. This can be because of muscle soreness, but it can also be irritation from either starting too hard too fast or using poor technique.

Here is the difference between good pain and bad pain: Good muscle pain is pain that is generally felt on both sides ( ie both arms, or both legs) and is generally feels like fatigue- it lasts for a couple of days and is more intense 1-2 days after the activity. It is generally pain you only feel when you move that body part (ie moving the arms, legs) and it really does not interrupt your sleep. Pain to address is constant pain, generally felt in just one area or is not the same on both sides, and causes an ache at night when you sleep. If it gets worse rather than better as you try to resume your routine, I would talk to your Physical Therapist. Let them figure it out, and guide you towards a successful program.

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