Enjoy Those Appetizers!

Are you having trouble trying to fit your exercises in to your already busy day? Do you find it overwhelming to try to find that 20 to 30 minute block of time, so much so that absolutely none of your exercises get done? Try breaking your exercise routine up into “small bites”, little mini exercise sessions. Here are some examples:

  • Work on your balance by standing on one leg in the checkout line at the store

  • Do partial squats, calf raises and calf stretches at the kitchen counter while preparing meals

  • Squeeze your glutes while sitting in the car

  • Lie on the floor and do hip stretches while talking on the phone

  • Roll on your foam roller while watching TV

  • If you do yoga, do plank to downward dog to lunge with your hands on a chair

Before you know it, you have gotten many, if not all of your exercises in, just not all at once.The hard part is remembering to do them. Once you get in the habit, that stress of finding the time and the guilt from not doing them goes away. Bon Appetit!