Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...

Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI) is a safe, noninvasive tool used by physical therapists to evaluate and train muscles. RUSI uses the same technology as ultrasound imaging during pregnancy to create real time images of your muscles working during exercise. Basically, it allows us to see what we feel with our hands. More importantly, it allows YOU to see your own muscles in action. This can be especially helpful when learning to coordinate your deep core muscles that support your pelvis, abdomen and spine. These muscle groups can be difficult to feel and recruit after injury, surgery or having a baby. Furthermore, normalizing the function of these muscle groups is essential to a full recovery. Having the ability to visualize and clearly identify on a screen the muscles you are trying to target can lead to quicker learning and speedier outcomes.

RUSI may be helpful with the evaluation and treatment of many different conditions including:

  • back pain

  • pelvic pain

  • hip and groin pain

  • prostate or bladder surgical rehabilitation- BEFORE and AFTER surgery

  • bladder incontinence, hesitancy, and/ or frequent urination

  • bowel incontinence and/ or constipation

  • abdominal surgery rehabilitation

  • Diastasis rectus (DRA)

  • post-partum- especially for early pelvic floor rehabilitation as training of the pelvic floor muscles can be done by visualizing them through the abdomen.

“The use of ultrasound imaging to observe the real-time contraction of muscles is a valuable tool, specifically when the muscles of interest are deep and not readily observable” (Whittaker, 2004).

As always, at Connect PT we strive to understand and treat the whole individual. Utilizing RUSI is another tool we have to help train and target exercises that will most effectively help you.



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