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What I Learned About Pilates

My entire PT career has been spent working with clients on movement, balance, strength, and agility.  I've used a variety of movement approaches in rehab for my patients and in my own fitness life, everything from weight lifting to yoga to swimming to a variety of cardiovascular exercises.  Until recently though, I had never participated in a Pilates class. What an eye opener!

Connect recently began offering a mat Pilates class and I jumped at the chance to try it for myself!  Professionally, I’ve long been aware of Pilates and the value for my patients. In fact, I’ve encouraged many patients to incorporate Pilates into their exercise diet.  But not until I tried it for myself did I realize how awesome AND challenging it is!  

The detailed focus on core stabilization while keeping your spine in a neutral position, coupled with the intentional focus and breath control are really challenging.  This means close supervision by an experienced instructor is a must.  

It is this collaboration with our instructor, Shannon Vial, that makes Connect’s class so unique.  One of our participants told me that she loved Yoga and Pilates at Connect because of the close communication between her PT and our instructors.   

I continue to benefit from an expanded set of exercise approaches in my own life and I love having that grow here at Connect as well.  If you have a desire to try Pilates, but perhaps are hesitant about the language or equipment, then come join us! Shannon has created a 6 week ‘Introduction to Pilates’ program that is awesome for educating each participant about the basics of the work and setting the stage for more advanced ‘flow work.’  Keep a lookout for upcoming emails about signups in December for classes starting in January.  

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