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Telehealth for Pelvic Physical Therapy

Telehealth offers a safe, convenient and efficient way to offer individualized physical therapy guidance and care, face to face, from the comforts of your own home. 

Even prior to COVID-19, telehealth for pelvic rehabilitation was becoming “a thing”. In part, this is because access to physical therapists with expertise in treating pelvic health is still limited in some geographic areas. It is, also, because telehealth is an attractive alternative for those who have obstacles to attending clinic appointments. For example, virtual PT visits are a great option for moms without access to childcare.  This is especially true in the current climate where usual support networks may not be available.

Pelvic physical therapy via telehealth may feel a little less intimidating for those unsure about making a first in-person appointment. While maybe different than what we are used to, virtual visits offer the benefit of being able to perform your PT program in your real-life environment. This helps the PT as well by allowing us to make realistic and applicable recommendations.  

All telehealth is provided via a HIPPA compliant, secure platform. Sessions may include:

  • Information about your pelvic floor anatomy and how it works

  • Instruction in performing pelvic floor muscle exercises appropriate for you

  • Bladder and/ or bowel education and retraining program 

  • Pelvic pain management strategies including positioning and posture recommendations, therapeutic exercises and stretching, breathing / relaxation techniques 

  • Instruction in soft tissue/ massage techniques that you can perform on your own

  • Ergonomic / Posture assessment and bodymechanics strategies for daily activities including work station assessment, child and babycare activities, and sleep positions

  • Pregnancy care including prenatal exercises, back and pelvic joint pain management, and labor and delivery positional and preparation strategies

  • Postpartum specific guidance in pelvic floor and abdominal muscle recovery including treatment of diastasis rectus (DRA), return to exercise, and scar management.

Telehealth treatments are just part of a larger treatment plan. Many effective strategies can be done verbally and visually with your PT during virtual visits.  However, if hands on treatment would benefit you, we will certainly make that recommendation.

It is important we work together to find treatment strategies that work for you. We believe online PT sessions can help guide you through concerns and leave you feeling more empowered about your body and pelvic health! 

Visit for more information about Pelvic Health at Connect PT.  Give us a call to get started with Natalie Graham, PT or Susan Weedall, PT. 503-974-9078.

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