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September 14 Update

Connects wants to lean in.

Like you, we find ourselves in the midst of unimagined challenges and pain in our communities. COVID-19 presents its own set of demands, plus community unrest and now the wildfires create chaos and disruption for far too many. We can pause and try to wrap our heads around what happened… but then we need to move ahead. We can’t go back. We don’t get to fast forward to ‘the end’. But, we can Be Better Together and Go Forward together. When we know better, we can do better.

Connect is leaning in. We are continuing to build our new platform, Beyond, as a response to what we see in our practice and what we hear from you. We strongly believe safe and experienced medically-based instruction in exercise and lifestyle is vital to prevent injury and foster healthy aging. With Beyond, our therapeutic expertise and experience provides you with personalized yoga, pilates and osteoporosis education that understands the state of your body and mind. There’s much more to come. Watch for our updated website release, including the addition of Tai Chi as well as additional movement classes.

Next, two virtual Beyond programs start a new term. Call 503-974-9078 for information!

  • 2 Pilates classes get underway this week, the week of 9/14/20.

  • 4 yoga offerings begin the week of 9/21/20.

Connect is leaning in. What matters to you, matters to us. More than ever, Connect is leaning in to the needs in our community. During COVID-19, we matched our team members donations made to charities meeting community needs. Now, we extend this match to our Connect community. Submit your favorite 501(c)(3) organization and once a month we will draw a name to make a contribution on your behalf. Send us the one closest to your heart at!

In writing today with the untold pain and suffering in our community and throughout our state, we send our prayers. Our continued commitment is to listen, to build an organization and a community that helps with your journey and that contributes to the very real needs of our world.

PS: We recommend Brené Brown’s podcast ‘Day 2’. It might resonate about the challenge of being ‘in the middle’ of something difficult and not knowing what the end will look like or when we will get there.

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