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No Bones About It

There is encouraging news for those of you with bone density issues.

A recent study on osteoporosis and yoga was reviewed in the New York Times, “12 minutes of yoga for bone health” (published 12/21/15 in the New York Times).

In summary, Dr. Loren Fishman a physiatrist at Columbia University tracked 227 participants with osteoporosis or osteopenia over 10 years. Each participant reported doing 12 minutes of yoga 4-7x/wk. The study demonstrated an improvement in spine and femur bone density as documented by bone density measurements in the 227 moderately to fully compliant participants. In addition, no fractures attributed to the practice of yoga were reported during the study period. The limitations of the study were the volunteers were self-selected and there was no control group.

This study demonstrates that yoga may be safe for individuals with osteoporosis and osteopenia. Patients with osteoporosis should exercise caution with bending forward and should hinge at the hips not at the waist. It is our long held belief at Connect Physical Therapy that yoga is also good for motion, strength and improved posture as well as fall prevention. We also believe that there is always an option for exercise and it is important to just keep moving!

If you are interested in being more physically active, you might be concerned whether there are any precautions you should take as an individual during a class or with independent activities. At Connect PT, we can partner with you to determine what you need to know about your own body so you can enjoy new activities or experiences.

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