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Calling All Weekend Warriors – You Know Who You Are!

If you stuff most of your weekly exercise into just two days you have achieved Weekend Warrior status and you may have an increased risk of injury.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent injuries:

Warm up and stretch. Dynamic stretching for even 10 minutes prior to an activity goes a long way to prevent injuries.

Don’t save your work outs for the week-end. It is ideal to exercise several days during the week to get in shape for your week end sport.

Try cross training or combining several diverse activities like swimming, cycling and jogging.

Listen to your body and avoid pushing through pain. If it hurts, take a break.

Minor strains and pains can often be treated with rest and ice but if your injury persists or you are in doubt, we are here for you at Connect Physical Therapy! 503.974.9078

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