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Do you experience any of these symptoms?


  • Headache

  • Pain

  • Insomnia

  • Stress

  • Jaw issues

  • Posture challenges

Back Pain
Training in biofeedback can help you manage your symptoms:


Biofeedback literally means “body feedback.” Through the use of computerized monitoring of your muscle tension, heart rate, hand temperature and breathing rate, biofeedback “makes the invisible visible.” 


How often do we hear ‘you just need to learn to relax’?  If you knew what relaxed felt like, you would probably just do it.  It is not easy or obvious to know how to make the changes that help you release tension and ease stress.  Training in biofeedback principles and techniques can be used for self-regulation and symptom control, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life!



Our Specialist in
Mind Body Integration: Biofeedback Training

Diane, PT, OCS, CMPT has a broad background in orthopedic physical therapy and the use of awareness training to assist in pain management.  Early in her career, she was part of an innovative pain management team that highlighted the powerful connection between mind and body.  Diane has extensive biofeedback training and achieved certification through BCIA. Helping patients to create their own unique strategies to maximize their quality of life is her passion.

Learn more about Diane >

What to expect from Connect PT for Biofeedback training: 


  • Orientation to the principles of self awareness and relaxation

  • Introduction to the biofeedback monitors

  • A home practice program to assist the integration of concepts into your daily life

  • Recommendations for learning materials to expand your understanding of mind body integration

First 50 minute evaluation: 
  • Detailed medical history

  • Baseline monitoring of 1 or more physiological systems with biofeedback

  • Introduction to diaphragmatic breathing

  • Home program to integrate awareness training into your daily routine

Follow up visits include:  
  • Expanded use of biofeedback monitors

  • Instruction/education about posture and balance with EMG monitoring

  • Instruction in progressive relaxation techniques 

  • Detailed work on incorporating diaphragmatic breathing into daily activities

  • Visualization and imagery training

  • Home program progression

  • Use of home monitoring devices

Final visit:  
  • Discussion of goals and review of any questions

  • Ensure complete understanding of biofeedback principles and techniques

  • Finalize Home Program

  • Guidance and support to return to a healthy lifestyle

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Mind/Body Integration

Never has it been more important to practice self care.  These are challenging times and while Connect offers multiple ways to help your body, we also have a specialty area that incorporates the use of biofeedback to assist in awareness training, progressive relaxation and postural correction.

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