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June 1, 2020


As an essential service, Connect remained open through the past months and continues to provide safe and appropriate PT care - always meeting or exceeding CDC guidelines. And, as we have partnered with you through this time, we learned a lot!


First, we’re reminded how much we love working with you!  Even in masks and with all the careful procedures, seeing you, in person or virtually, is what makes Connect tick!


Now Connect is looking ahead on how best to use our professional experience and expertise to genuinely partner with you “beyond” traditional physical therapy visits.


So many of us have noted all the new online information about physical, mental and spiritual health. However… typically these offers are one-size-fits-all. It can be overwhelming and difficult to discern what is valid, where to start or what best fits you.


In addition, COVID amplified what can be a sense of isolation and the importance of having a community of people that you know - and who know you! 


Your body, mind and spirit are simply too important to trust ‘the generic approach.’ Rather, it is best when you have personalized tools, based on deep therapeutic knowledge, designed to optimize your chances for getting you to where you want to go.


As do you, Connect believes in the core value of community. From teams formed out of classes to collaborations with various partners in our community, there will always be a Connect orientation to foster relationships that bring out the best for one another.  From our start, Connect has always been Better Together.


Connect has now officially formed Beyond Physical Therapy, a platform for putting these ideas into place.  You will be hearing more from us in days ahead with the particulars.  However, in the meantime, we already offer the premier PT in our community, plus classes and information that use our therapeutic expertise and experience to come alongside you with yoga, pilates, osteoporosis education and more! Next set of virtual classes start June 1! Call (503)974-9078 to get linked in.


Stay healthy, stay safe - and stay Connected!

April 30, 2020 Update

It’s challenging to find a rhythm in these unprecedented times and we hope you are well!  Connect is continually adapting to find best ways to partner with you, so here are our updates:


In Office Treatments:  Connect remains open throughout this time. With this experience, we established smooth patterns for ensuring safety with masks for all, spacing of patient visits and following CDC guidelines. Effective May 1, Oregon adopted changes with a return of nonessential medical care, so activity levels will increase as needed health issues are addressed. Your safety continues as our highest priority.


Telehealth:  If you’ve recently talked with your physician, it’s probably been over a screen. Telehealth is rapidly being accepted, yet misconceptions remain: 

  • Myth: It’s too expensive. Fact: Most insurers now pay for this care.  Call our office 503-974-9078 or your insurer to verify benefits.

  • Myth: You can’t start new care with telehealth. Fact: Not true. Evaluation of most musculoskeletal issues can be initiated via telehealth and we can get you started on home care.

  • Myth: You can’t treat pelvic health via telemedicine. Fact: Also not true.  Take a look at our blog about Pelvic Health


Virtual Classes:  Zoom classes for DeeAnn’s yoga and Shannon’s Pilates are all dialed in!  These classes are designed specifically for Connect’s community. If you haven’t taken a class from either one of them, consider joining when a new series starts next month.  DeeAnn and Shannon are also available for 1:1 training/instruction via Zoom and would love to get you jump started!  Call 503-974-9078 to get going!


Connect Physical Therapy:  Better Together - now and in all the days ahead!


April 8, 2020 Update

We hope you and yours are safe and healthy.  The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone, everywhere in an untold number of ways.  We continue to be encouraged as our community seeks to help one another in ways big and small!  


Here are important updates for you about what we are doing at Connect:


In Office Treatments:  We take your safety very seriously and follow the most current CDC guidelines, including wearing masks for all Connect staff and patients.  Masks are available for patients if they do not bring their own. We continue with cleaning, rigorous screening and social distancing, including patients remaining in the car until their individual treatment space is sanitized. We want you to be confident in knowing our office safety is a foremost priority. 


Telehealth Treatments: Every day, we hear from patients with challenges around pain and function.  There is no need to feel like you can’t get the help you need today. Through Connect’s virtual telehealth platform, your PT can help you begin recovery while you are at home.  Often, it is the recommendations for positioning, rest, ice and early movement that can help you begin to move better. If you’d like to schedule a telehealth visit with any of our 6 Physical Therapists, call us at (503)974-9078.


Virtual Classes:  Online classes are just underway for yoga and Pilates.  DeeAnn is teaching postural/alignment based yoga in the evening Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday morning.  Shannon is teaching pilates Monday and Wednesday evenings. We’d love to have you join in! Call in and we can get you set up with a Zoom link.


While we all navigate this time in our own way, know we are here for you - to help you to stay healthy and to keep you moving! 


March 30, 2020 Update

Connect PT is open and working to help our community adapt to the coronavirus reality.  Here’s an update on what we can do with you:


In Office: Our office is open and be assured we follow CDC guidelines for cleaning, rigorous screening and social distancing, including patients remaining in their car until their individual treatment space is sanitized.  Our entire team is available, representing specialties in balance, vestibular issues, pelvic health, post-op orthopedics and all musculoskeletal issues.  


Telehealth: While the Stay at Home order remains in place, we encourage you to creatively work with us.  Our goals are to help resolve any current musculoskeletal issues, plus help you remain active in self-care. Our digital platform facilitates seeing you in real time, where we can assess your current situation, progress your home program, educate about next steps and create strategies to move forward. Increasingly, health insurers are supporting this direction. Please call your health insurer or us for more information.


Virtual Classes: We continue with ongoing yoga and Pilates classes - all are now online.  It’s easy to access either class online and you will continue to have the excellence in instruction that you trust at Connect.  


We would like to highlight a free online introduction evening for Pilates, which instructor Shannon Vial will present this coming Wednesday April 1 from 6-7pm.  We feel strongly that what makes our Pilates program meaningful is how we work in concert with Shannon to provide a program that can be customized to each individual based on physical needs. A complimentary consultation with a Connect PT is available to assist you in evaluating this class. Please call us at (503)974-9078 about a PT consultation or to get the online link for Wednesday.


Diane, DeeAnn, Sue Ellen, Susan, Andrea, Natalie and the entire Connect team are all here ready to help you in whatever way works best for you.  At this most unprecedented time, Connect is here. We are always Better Together! 


March 24, 2020 Update

Because of the vital role in the overall healthcare system, Physical Therapy is considered essential services by the US Department of Homeland Security and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  


This means Connect PT is open and ready to assist with your musculoskeletal issues. 


You can be assured we are in the office with continuing rigorous screening and cleaning protocols.  To enhance social distancing, we’ve added a step to the process for when you arrive.  As you arrive in the parking lot, please remain in your car. Call Connect at (503)974-9078 and we will let you know when your treatment room is prepared for you.  Details are provided with your appointment reminder email.  


While we respect some people may not want to visit the office, we strongly encourage you to stay in close touch with your physical therapist via phone or email.  In the midst of the coronavirus conditions, our sincere desire is to help you make good decisions about your ongoing care.


Because each individual insurance company makes their own decisions regarding coverage, our understanding of telehealth or virtual visits is expanding daily.  Here is what we know today:


  • Medicare covers ‘e’visits. This is a quick one-time virtual check-in, not intended for treatment

  • Aetna covers virtual visits for ongoing treatment

  • Cigna covers virtual visits for ongoing treatment

  • Moda covers virtual visits for ongoing treatment


If not listed above, we have not yet determined if the insurance company offers benefits for PT virtual care. This can change hourly, so keep checking with us. Self-pay options continue to be available for all.


Please continue to practice good self-care by eating healthy food, getting daily fresh air and exercise.  Consider using an online tool for meditation or relaxation. Connect is here to help you and we look forward to being part of your strategy for staying well in this time of change.  


March 19, 2020 Update

Connect sends our greetings and encouragement for staying healthy and safe.  Our office continues to be open seeing patients with our rigorous screening and cleaning protocols in place.  We have several updates for you today about the option of an e-visit:


  • What is an e-visit? Think of all the online instruction going on in the world right now and an e-visit is the PT version of an online classroom.  The Center for Medicare identifies a PT telemedicine visit or video chat as an electronic or e-visit.   


There are many things a PT can see and do during a video conference visit: evaluate range of motion, posture, evaluate current exercise program, revise exercises, provide instruction in new/additional exercises and more.  


  • On Monday, Medicare approved the ability for patients to schedule e-visits or virtual appointments with PT.  


If you are a current Medicare patient, who cancelled a prior appointment because of coronavirus or other concerns, you may want to reconnect using an e-visit.  In this way, we can provide continuity in your care plan.


If you are a Medicare patient and want to schedule ongoing care with your Connect PT, please call the office, 503-974-9078.  We will arrange a time specifically for you to meet with your therapist in a video conference. Connect already has the necessary tools to conduct an e-visit and we will explain this very straight-forward process.. 


  • Health insurance companies are rapidly following the lead of Medicare in facilitating e-visits.  For example, today Moda approved e-visits and others are expected to quickly follow. We will keep you updated.  Furthermore, any patient can arrange for an e-visit on a self pay basis.


As your community’s PT, Connect encourages you to put in place all that you know about self care.  This might be going for a walk, diaphragmatic breathing, home yoga or Pilates practice, guided imagery for relaxation.  There are a number of wonderful resources online and let us know what you are finding most helpful. If you need help vetting self-care options that are appropriate for you, give us a call and we would love to help.


Remember, Connect is a small, free-standing clinic.  This means you enter with confidence as

1) There is an upfront cleaning station

2) We respect social distancing

3) The waiting area offers open space

4) We have individual treatment rooms

5) Physical spaces are cleaned throughout the day for each patient.


Better Together - that has been Connect’s tagline all along and never has it felt more vital.  In this time of social distancing and Work From Home(WFH) and Shelter In Place(SIP) - we need to stay connected with each to build courage and strength.  


Stay safe and let us know how we can help you - we are your partners in a healthy lifestyle.


March 17, 2020 Update

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are all living in a new environment.  Connect continues to closely monitor all medical and community news and will use the information to keep our office a safe and healthy space for us all. As healthcare professionals and a community partner with you, we will continue to provide timely updates.  


Several updates for you today:


  • All spaces and equipment in the office were deeply cleaned this weekend.


  • Detailed sanitization processes enacted for use throughout and at the close of day.


  • Implemented additional screening.  As you arrive, we will ask several questions for any symptoms of concern: fever, cough, international travel in the past 14 days, exposure to anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.


  • 24-hour cancellation policy waived to accommodate individual circumstances.


If you need to reschedule a PT appointment, please call us at (503)974-9078.  In some, though not all circumstances, we can arrange for a ‘virtual’ appointment.  Unfortunately, insurance does not allow physical therapy to charge for virtual care, but we can arrange for payment at our self-pay rate.  


With today’s increased stress, uncertainty and anxiety, we encourage our Connect community to practice good self-care.  In addition to adhering to guidelines for limiting exposure, you can do things to boost your personal immunity. Yoga, tai chi, deep breathing, Pilates and meditation are all of significant benefit.  We begin our Spring term of classes in April, watch for details. 


Remember, Connect is a small, free-standing clinic.  This means you enter with confidence as

  1. There is an upfront cleaning station

  2. We respect social distancing

  3. The waiting area offers open space

  4. We have individual treatment rooms

  5. Physical spaces are cleaned throughout the day for each patient.


Our hearts continue to reach out to everyone as we do our best to come together as a community.   Thank you for being a loyal partner with Connect and as always know we welcome your questions and suggestions.


February 29, 2020 Update

We are watching the news as information is shared about the Coronavirus.  We, like many of you, received notification from Lake Oswego School District that a staffer at Forest Hills Elementary School tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19).  While it’s a preliminary positive awaiting confirmation from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we want you to know that we are aware, monitoring the situation and taking safety steps.


The health and well-being of our Connect PT community is vital to us.  We do not think the current situation warrants extreme measures, but it is still helpful to take precautionary measures.  If you are sick or have respiratory symptoms, please stay home from your Connect appointment and take standard precautionary measures.  Do the normal items you would do if you have a cold. Wash your hands, cover your cough, stay home if you are not feeling well. Many of our patients have weakened or compromised immune systems, and it is important they feel safe and cared for within our clinic.  


In our office, we have a hand sanitizing station just as you come in the door.  Please take a moment to use the hand sanitizer to ensure the safety of yourself, as well as our patients and staff.  


If you have any questions or need to reschedule a PT appointment, please call us.  Our goal in all ways is for our Connect community to stay healthy and safe.


Below are several websites that provide you with up-to-date and detailed information.

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