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A Special Pilates Workshop

A quick reminder! Shannon Coffel Vial is presenting an introduction to the Pilates workshop this Saturday, October 7. If you’ve wondered about this movement style and if it is right for you, this is it! Shannon will present the basics, and make sure you start at the beginning.

  • Join the Principles of Movement Pilates Workshop on Saturday, 10/7, from 9-11 AM. Click here to view our information sheet with more details and specifics about the morning class. If you are new to Pilates, this is a great way to have an introduction to the movement. Or, if you are interested in returning to the work, revisiting the basics is a great way to re-enter. When you are ready to sign up, visit our website to register!

  • The Principles Workshop is a great way, though not required, to prepare for our weekly Pilates Flow Mat Class. The Class begins Thursday 10/12, 4:30-5:30 PM. This class does not require prior Pilates experience. And it will help you strengthen your entire body and deepen your mind/body connection. You can visit our website to register!

  • Would you like 1:1 Pilates work incorporating mat work, the Reformer, and Cadillac? Reach out to schedule with Shannon directly at

We believe in partnering with you! As your experienced Physical Therapist, we can help you through an episode of care and assist you in finding the right options for lifestyle and functional exercise. We believe it, and we built Beyond to provide that opportunity!

So, we encourage you to ask which classes are the best fit for you. Then join us! Questions - email

As always, we remain nimble, courageous, and loving!

Diane, for all of us at Connect & Beyond Physical Therapy

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